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Dr. JessB is a certified #boymom and Maternal Infant Health advocate.  During both of her pregnancies she experienced hyperemesis gravidarum, pregnancy gingivitis, and many dental- related oral aversions. This was soon followed by postpartum mood disorders diagnosed during 4th trimester.

Born out of her personal birthing experiences and pregnancy-related dental diagnoses, Dr. JessB founded Teeth & Tatas. Through nutrition, lactation, oral health and wellness,
Teeth & Tatas exists as an answer to aid in the improvement of BIPOC Maternal Infant Health outcomes. By recognizing the role family and pediatric dentists play as paraprofessionals in the maternal infant health space, Teeth & Tatas mission is to utilize the trusted and well-positioned dental healthcare professional to work alongside the birth community in combating stigmas and misinformation, while simultaneously connecting families with essential maternal infant support and resources.



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